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Project Description

Osteitis pubis is a painful inflammatory condition of the pubic symphysis, the joint between the right and left pubic bones of the pelvis. It is usually caused by excessive movement of the pubic bones. This condition is prevalent amongst football players, as well as runners and other athletes. Osteitis Pubis symptoms can also occur in Women, Post Pregnancy including pelvic instability.


  • Actions such as running, jumping, kicking, and rapid changes in direction cause the abdominal and groin muscles to exert a pulling force on the pubic bones, which result in excessive stress and inflammation.
  • Tight adductor and hamstring muscles along with weak abdominal muscles can also contribute to osteitis pubis.


  • Pain is generally localised over the pubic symphysis and may radiate to the lower abdomen, groin, inner thigh, testicles or hips.
  • Loss of flexibility in the groin.
  • Pain when pulling the leg inwards against resistance.The incidence of osteitis pubis in footballers has increased sharply over the last decade. 3 reasons for this are:
  • The increased physical demands of football.
  • The increased hardness of the surfaces.
  • The increasing demand for size and strength among footballers.We at Waverley Massage have developed specific techniques that have achieved great results with osteitis pubis. For further information contact us on (03) 9807 0650.

Some of the quotes from patients treated for Osteitis Pubis

“Before coming to Waverley Massage I had tried Pilates and a series of core stability exercises to try and overcome the complaint. Nothing I tried seem to work…….
I was amazed at the benefits, I could see straight after my first treatment I felt loose in all areas and felt like I was ready to play straight away………
Whilst painful, the beneficial effect is worth while.. no pain, no gain”….M.R

“Lower right and left abdomen pain, unable to squeeze knees together.. Pain while ejaculating during sex……..
Painful but yet quite simple. Surprises me why these techniques aren’t used world-wide,  because without your help I don’t know where I would be.”… P.R.

“Pain while running, worse by water running.. Had two consultations to rid the pain, Immediate improvement. Use of pressure points seemed to be most effective” A.T.

“Very sore abdominals and tight adductors. Helped me play out the rest of the season. Great results, have recommended a few team mates and friends for all good results.”..C.B.

“Pre season of 03 developed lower ab pain of a low grade for 2 – 3 weeks. Gone after 1 visit, continued to be treated with no ongoing pain….” S.M.

“Pain in groin area and hip flexors….. Painful but effective… other physios don’t get right in and treat the pain. Even though it is very painful, after the treatment I felt brand new.”….B.D.

“Sore groins, sore around top of legs and lower abdomen. Pain that felt dull and constant… Immediately after the bruising had gone the symptoms had completely disappeared. A little painful but very effective., what’s a little pain if it fixes the problem..” A.P.

“Was sore to lift legs, get out of bed, run, ride and work. Couldn’t play footy for some weeks. Was getting physio treatments 2 x week to allow me to play football but was still very sore and couldn’t play without the pain., was taking pain killers to help with the pain.

After initial treatment it felt much better. Movement was less painful and felt much stronger. It took about 3 weeks with 1 consultation per week to get rid of it fully. They were different to any other techniques I have had before. Were very painful at first but were less painful as I got better. It was well worth it for the result.” A.M.